Saturday, October 15, 2011

If the self is free from the mind or universe it prevails as Atman or formless consciousness

The searches on the reality of the existence must end in discovery of the self, which is the substance and witness of the mind. Mind is present in the form of universe.  The universe appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep.  When the seeker discovers the truth he realizes the fact that, mind, which is in the form universe is mere illusion and the Atman(soul), which is in the form of consciousness is the witness of the mind or ‘I’. The Atman is the true self without it nothing can exist.

 Atman the true self is ever free from the mind, which is in the form of universe, even though it is within it, but it is apart from it. It is within because it is the formless and non-dual substance of the mind or universe. It is apart because it is not an entity or identity within the waking experience or universe.

If the self is in illusion, it is called mind or ‘I’ or universe. If the mind is in its formless non-dual true nature it is called self or Atman or soul or consciousness. If the self is free from the mind or universe it prevails as Atman or  formless consciousness. Atman the true self is free from the limitation caused by the physical identification within the waking experience.

Only by direct realization,  the seeker of the truth travels form the illusory experience of duality[waking]  to non-dual reality of his true existence. The seeker has to proceed systematically through proper understanding through inquiry analysis and reasoning and by realizing the fact that, the self is not the ‘I’, but ‘I’ is the whole experience of the Waking experience, which is in the form of mind or universe. Therefore, it is necessary to rectify the reasoning  base from form to formless and then only proceed deeper in inquiry, analysis and reasoning. Perfect understanding helps the seeker to discard all the inherited physical fetters with lesser time and effort and proceed deeper and deeper until all the obstacles vanish.

It is very much necessary for seeker to rectify his reasoning base from “form” to “formless”.  By rectifying the reasoning base by considering self as formless mentally   and proceed deeper in investigation.

Inquiry, analyzing and reasoning the three states on the formless base   the truth will start unfolding.
·         Was there mind or universe in deep sleep?
·         Is there deep sleep experience in waking experience?
·         When the physical body is not the experience of the physical body itself, what is that experiences this physical body, which experiences the world as a person?
·         If physical body is not self then what is that claims itself as self?
·         If ‘I’ is not the physical body, how can one search the truth on the base of physical body as self?
·         What is that stays with our without the mind or universe?
There must be sum invisible hidden substance within the three states as their substance and witness.

There is no brake in the identity, in the continuity between the three states. The mind is only a phenomenon of the Waking experience. Thus mind is only an experience without the physical witness. Therefore the witness of the ‘I’ that is waking experience or mind is the formless non-dual substance which is Atman.

The Waking experience rises and subsides in this invisible Atman unconsciously.

·         Waking connotes dual existence.
·         Deep sleep the non-dual.
Which one of these two is unreal?

Religionists think that they have god and the souls form the second, other than the mind. But there is no duality at all when the seeker becomes aware of the fact that self is not the ‘I’.

·         If self is not the ‘I’ then what is “Self” without the ‘I’?
“Self” is that witnesses the “I” that is Waking experience.

·         What is ‘I’?
‘I’ is mind

·         What is mind?
Mind is universe, which appears as waking or dream experience.

·         What is Waking or experience?
Waking or experience is an illusory experience.

·         Why Waking or dream experience is illusory experience?
Because, it is neither the experience of the waking entity nor of the dream entity.

·         Why it is not the experience of the waking entity or dream entity?
Because, the waking entity and the waking world and the dream entity and the dream world are within the Waking or dream experience.

·         Than what is it that witness the Waking or dream experience?
It is the Atman, which is in the form of consciousness is the witness of the Waking or dream experience.

·         The whole experience of the Waking or dream experience is illusory if they are viewed and judged on the standpoint of the Atman as self. 
That is right.

Therefore it proves the whole universe with all its contents is an illusion. Thus, taking the universe as reality, and searching truth is like searching for fish in sand dunes in the desert. Seemingly obvious duality between universe or ‘I’ and Atman or consciousness does not really exist, because both are one and the same in the substance.

When the seeking mind becomes aware of the truth and transcends this phenomenal illusion and becomes one with non-dual substance which is consciousness, the sense of duality or feeling disappears. Then there is neither duality nor non-duality only ultimate reality will prevail.

The universe is a web of illusion. Man is ignorant of the true fact that, the true “Self” is not the ‘I’ and he is unaware of the fact that, ‘I’ is the whole universe, which is in the form of mind he considers the ego as the real self.

It is waste of time and effort to seek the truth on the physical base believing universe as reality. The bondage and burden will remain as reality until the one becomes aware of the fact that, the Self is not ‘I’, but the formless witness of the ‘I’ is the true Self.

It is erroneous to seek truth on the physical based spiritual teachings such as religion, scriptures and god glorification and yoga. Religion and yoga certifies self as ‘I’, and the universe as reality. Whereas the reality is the formless witness of the ‘I’, which is consciousness, therefore the Self is consciousness or Atman.

The self is not the ‘I’, but the self is Atman, which is in the form of consciousness. The Self is nothing to do with the ‘I’ that is the universe, which appears as waking or dream experience. Consciousness, which is the true self, cannot be identified only as a particular form or object within the waking or dream experience, because it pervades all the three states as their formless substance.  And it is also the formless witness of the three states, which comes and goes.

The seeking mind which has the courage and strength to and intense urge to overtop the limits of the wide realm of the intoxication of the sense of ‘I’ or duality, which holds sway over everything. The universe with its intoxication of sense of ‘I’ and signifies undisputed sovereignty.

As a man looking as a past wanders what he has really achieved. In worldly sense on may have accomplished all the aims of his life, but in spiritual sense he has not achieved anything. Since he has not realized the fact that, self is not the ‘I’ but the ‘I’ is illusory universe, which is in the form of mind.

As a man one thinks that the world as real and he is born here to learn earn and live with religious code of conduct. People enjoy life by earning money and being successful by reaching the material goal. They believe they are not alone after the death and the people before them lead them to new realm of life in haven or paradise. All these theories are based on imagination believing the ‘I’ as “Self”.

There comes a point in everyone’s life one feels lonely even with all material achievement and orthodox way of living. Still one is struck by the mental suffering, for which no medicine of the physical world give relief. One finds even God, Guru, religion, scriptures and yoga will look very stale and inadequate and useless.  This uncertainty is fertile ground to turn once attention to acquire self- knowledge.   

The doubts and confusion crops up, why even the atheists who does not have faith in god as religionists also accomplishes  their material goal successful without following the religion, and god glorification, scriptural studies, living religious oriented life. Thus there is some mystery behind it.

It is not god, nor can religion nor scriptural studies not Atheism nor scientific revelation unfold the mystery of this existence? Until and unless people are more open to investigate the spiritual side of their experience and verify the facts, it is impossible to unfold the mystery of the existence. The focus of attention has to be diverted from form base to formless base. By rectifying the base of reasoning the one becomes ready to indulge in pursuit of truth.

Inquiry, analysis and reasoning lead the seeker to realize the fact that, the physical body, world, god and religion, are based on ‘I’ which is not the “Self”. Thus seeker should accustom himself to perceive that underlying unity which is consciousness within the three states. There is only consciousness as the substance which itself is the witness of the three states, how can anything can be separate from the formless substance from which is created out of.  Same way gold bangle and necklace though they are considered separate as forms and shape they are one in their substance as gold. Similarly the universe with all its multiplicity of manifestation is created out of one and only substance that is consciousness.

All the happenings within the universe are mere mirage witnessed by the formless consciousness.  The birth, life and death are happening within the mirage. Therefore ‘I’ or universe is an illusory object to consciousness, which is the subject.

Thus ‘I’ is an object; therefore universe, which appears as waking or dream is an object, therefore considering ‘I’ as self is erroneous. Whatever is happening within the object within the universe is happening within the object thus the universe is like a movie show on the stand point of consciousness, which is the true self.

The physical base viewing and judging the worldview keeps the real self in illusion creating the sense of duality as reality. Only when the nature of the mind, which is in the form of universe, is investigated and verified through inquiry, analysis and reasoning, the truth will start unfolding.

The mystery of the existence cannot be unfolded as a person perceiving the world as reality and viewing and judging the universe on physical base and demanding physical proof because the physical proof is the false proof.  It is only possible through deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning to realize the truth, which is beyond physicality

Therefore rectifying reasoning base from form to formless mentally and proceeding deeper inquiry and reasoning is very much necessary. Seeker discovers and realizes the fact that, the man perceives the world within the waking or dream experience, thus they are mere mental states and their reality is illusory in their nature. Therefore the person and his experience of the universe are limited to the waking or dream experience.

The witness of the three states is not the person or physical body but the formless substance of the three states which is the knower of all the three states which appears and disappears in succession. The whole process of knowing truth is a mental effort not physical struggle.

Whatever is seen and known is only illusion, but the seer and knower of the illusory state are real. The seer and knower is the substance of the three states, which formless consciousness. The consciousness is the self not the ‘waking entity’ which is within the waking experience. Consciousness is free from the all the three states.  The universe is the state of birth, life and death, pleasure and pain.

The mind or universe is in the form of feeling.  That is the waking or dream experience is in the form of feeling. Consciousness is the feeler of the ‘feeling ’. Thus it proves that ‘feeling’ is not the self but the substance and witness of the ‘feeling’ is the real Self. Thus the feeling disappears in deep sleep.  The formless feeler is birth- less and deathless eternal and beyond time and space.  

If, the seeker has the firm conviction, that the self is not the ‘I’ but the ‘I’ is the “mind” or “universe” than he will be able grasp the truth and able to establish in consciousness.

To gain Self- Knowledge the seeker has to constantly indulge in Inquiry, reasoning, listening, analyzing, and reflecting on the subject, which is consciousness by realizing that everything is consciousness all forms and names are mere illusion.   The seeker has to analyze the three states to unfold the truth about their reality.

·         What is it that knows coming and going of all these three state, when the person and the world are present only within the waking or dream experience? 

It has to be the formless witness which is neither the waking entity nor the dream entity.

·         What experiences the dream when the Waking experience is totally absent in dream?
It is the formless seer or knower or witness, which is in the form of consciousness.

·         What is it that knows of the deep sleep where the waking and dream identity are absent?
It is the formless witness or knower or seer.

·         If the dream is not experienced by the waking entity what is it that knows the dream in the waking experience?
It is the formless witness, which is in the form of consciousness itself is witnessing the waking experience. Therefore, the seer or knower or witness of the three states is one. Thus the seeker can come to firm conviction after verifying the facts through inquiry, analysis and reasoning. 

When the seeker has the firm conviction that consciousness is the Self, then he is free from the illusion of misery and suffering, bondage and burden of the illusory experience of the universe.  That is he becomes fully aware of the fact that, his experience of birth, life, death and the universe, which appears as waking experience is mere mirage created out of consciousness. Thus the substance of mirage, which is consciousness, is real and all else is illusion.