Thursday, October 6, 2011

It is not body alone that constitutes mind, but body plus world

  Just to show that there is something which has not disappeared, as waking or dream  deep sleep are mere object to the “Self” . The self is the seer of the objects and object  disappears and the self, which is the subject prevails eternally. No one can see “Self” appearing or disappearing. One can only grasp mentally that it must have been there.

It is not body alone that constitutes mind, but body plus world.  This one finds from his study of analysis of the three states.

One is aware of his thoughts, feeling, and emotion.    Thoughts, feeling, and emotion are mind. And mind is an object to the witness, which is the soul. Mind will pass away; it is only the "known. Analysis reveals fact that mind is passing phenomena and not the soul/self /witness.

The “Self “is seeing or knowing the changes, not that “Self” is changing. The word change is not applicable to the “Self”. Therefore the word "immortal" is used regarding the soul. “Self” is seeing the mortal; in this sense we call “Soul/Witness immortal. There cannot be two Selves. It is impossible. Change can have a meaning only when there is more than one. Soul, the innermost Self being unchanging must be only One.

Changes occur because of the existence of something unchanging. The changing and the unchanging are always present.

The experience is part of the change and is impermanent. Therefore, the formless witness of the experience is   real and eternal. The man and his experience of the world together is an experience, which is waking experience.  Waking and its changes, one could not possibly think of the Unchangeable or realize it. The seeker should not get attach themselves to all that changes which constitutes the three states. The very fact that one is constantly thinking shows that world is always changing.

People do not distinguish between formless witness and the three states. If they knew that the three states are an object to the formless witness, then, even the gods, is only an idea they might perceive truth, not otherwise.

When one thinks of the individuality, he is thinking within the waking or dream experience. The mind appears and disappears as mind.