Thursday, November 15, 2012

The ignorance is cause of the inborn samskara or conditioning which present as ‘I’ or ‘I AM’.

A permanent view of world as unreal can come only after soul centric reasoning; such knowledge cannot change. Were the seeker who is sufficiently sharpness he could grasp the unreal nature of the world by soul-centric reasoning alone.  To know whole truth, one must know the whole universe, otherwise he gets only half-truth. 

Renouncing the worldly life and accepting sanyasa or monk-hood means incapacity to think deeper, an impotency to inquire and reason. 

People speak of getting rid of conditioning or samskara but they themselves are unaware of the fact that, the universe in which they exist is product of the inborn samskara or conditioning.  The ignorance is cause of the inborn samskara or conditioning which present as ‘I’ or ‘I AM’. 

The real Moksha or freedom is   to realize the fact that ‘I’ consciousness is mere physical awareness. Physical awareness is not self-awareness. The self –awareness is when the formless soul or consciousness remains aware of its own non-dual   true nature.

The soul, is the innermost self. The soul is present in the form of consciousness. The soul the innermost  self is formless and non-dual in its nature. The soul, the innermost  self is not and entity or identity within the waking or dream (mind) because it pervades everything and everywhere in all the three states.

The self is the subject and the formless substance and witness of the illusion. The illusion is present in the form of the mind(I). The Mind is present in the form the universe. The universe appears as waking or dream(duality)  and disappears as deep sleep (non-duality).   The illusion is an object to the formless subject The subject and object together are the soul, the innermost self. Thus identifying the self as form within the waking or dream is erroneous.

The self is the formless substance and the witness of the objective awareness (mind or the universe or waking). The self is uncreated and ever independent and permanent, whereas the objective awareness which appears and disappears as the mind (waking or universe)  is dependent and impermanent.

The  mind arises from the soul subsides back into the soul. . “It is not the ‘I’ which creates the waking or dream, because the ‘I’   appear along with the waking or dream and disappears along with waking or dream.  Thus ‘I’ is the mind or the universe or waking or dream. Holding the ‘I’ as self is erroneous.

Realizing the soul as the  self is  the seeker's goal. The soul is the source of the mind or universe from where the  rise and subsides. The goal of truth seeker is to make a connection between mind(illusion)  and the soul(reality).

The soul, the innermost self  is  the timeless, formless and space-less existence; that is why it can direct one  in dreams, by the compensation of opposites, and in synchronistic events.

It is necessary for the seeker to go beyond the form,time and space  to realize the existence of the  formless witness which is the soul, the innermost self.

The term 'self' is to designate the totality of objective awareness (mind or universe or  ‘I’), and the sum total of the conscious and unconscious contents.

Intellectuals   tend to identify their thinking as their real selfhood. The self is not to be identified with waking or dream. Objective awareness is fragmentary.