Monday, March 11, 2013

Dualists could not distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘formless witness.’***

Dualist sages say God cannot exist without attributes. Then they are making God as an object whereas God is the subject. Attributes can only be seen in the objective world. Causality appears in the duality, but when one goes deeper into the matter even there the causality disappears.

Who else but the self could have imagined the objective world? Ramanuja and Madva see God as the imaginer, but where is the proof. Nobody has seen God creating. You have seen no other creator, whether God or angel. The only self is left. Therefore, the  self is the creator because imagining means creating. The Dvaita and Religionists talk nonsense. Has God a meaning to you? Yes. It is an idea. What is an idea? An imagination. So God has no proved existence beyond that of an idea.

Where people cannot and do not think, they follow others. A Gnani will see the world and get to know it is only appearance. He is not blind; he sees three states or objects as it is, but he knows it is only falsehood. Just as you see a mirage, the Gnani sees the mirage of this universe too, but he is not deceived by it. So long as one is ignorant, he will have the idea that God has created this world because the causal notion will be there. Nobody wants to suffer, and while the notion that suffering can be got rid of by appealing to God these wishes will sway the mind to believe in God. For them religion will arise, but for the man who wants the truth, religion offers no consolation.

Anybody can write a commentary on the Upanishads other scriptures and other scriptures, all they need to do to pour out with or mental word words. It is quite easy to do this even by those who have never understood the Upanishads and but think they have. Thus, the dualists and their disciple have written commentaries on scriptures: But all these have written to satisfy themselves, not to get the ultimate truth or Brahman. 

It is difficult to understand assimilate within a framework of some teaching or holding some philosophy as a yardstick.  We have to drop all our accumulated dross to understand and assimilate and realize the non-dualistic truth.  I am highlighting some scriptural citation only to show the seeker that the nondual sages themselves declare that scriptures, religion and idea of God are unimportant in pursuit of truth.  It is easier to understand, assimilate   and realize the ultimate truth or non-dualistic truth by rationalizing our views and understanding:- 

There is only mind which is present as the universe. Thus, we have to investigate the world that confronts us. 

The soul, the innermost self,  is that which knows everything, that which sees. Consciousness alone remains after one gets rid of all thoughts and ideas by identification with self. Consciousness is only the seer; it is not Brahman that is an error. It becomes Brahman only after an inquiry and reasoning.

Firstly, we have to realize the mind is not within the body but the body and world are within the mind. Therefore, all our practical life within the practical world is within the mind, which is in the form of the universe. The universe appears as waking or dream (duality or mind) and disappears as deep sleep (Nonduality or no mind).  Thus, the waking entity is not the self. The self is that which witnesses the coming and going of the three states.  The self is not an individual because it pervades everything and everywhere in all the three states. Therefore, our practical life within the practical world, which is based on individuality, is nothing to do with the self, which is ever formless.

One becomes aware of the fact that, the universe or mind, which appears and disappears, is the only form and shape created out of consciousness and nothing else. The consciousness alone is positive proof and on the standpoint of the consciousness or soul as self, one becomes aware of the   falsity of this universe or mind, which is mere appearance. The one which appears as mind (universe) and disappears as no mind (soul) is consciousness alone. Therefore, the mind and soul are one in essence.  Without consciousness, which is the innermost self, the universe ceases to exist.

Mental analysis shows that, the existences of the formless witness, which witnesses the three states coming and going without a break. This, on closer analysis, is found to be that changeless, soul or consciousness itself.

Thus, we have to focus our attention only on the three states.  The mind, which appears as waking or dream is duality and deep sleep is Nonduality.  Therefore, we have to find out what is it that becomes the duality (waking or dream as a whole) and Nonduality (deep sleep).  The individual experience happening within the waking and dream is nothing to with the consciousness, which is the innermost self. Identifying   consciousness as innermost self is necessary to realize the unreal nature of the mind. 

The mind cannot be destroyed but then when one overcomes the ignorance through wisdom than he realizes his body, his ego and his experience of the world to be consciousness.  Thus for Gnani the body is not body , the ego is not ego , the world is not a world but everything is consciousness even though he is in the midst of illusion knowing  and realizing the ultimate truth  in the midst of illusion is called wisdom.    It becomes very easy to assimilate the nondual truth, if one is able to drop his accumulated knowledge and inborn samskara.  Only one has to realize his body and his experience of the universe are one in essence to bring unity in diversity in our understanding and in turn it leads to self-awareness.  

Dualists could not distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘formless witness.’ They take ‘I’ as the self and witness. Their highest was the Jiva.

People are so much attached to the 'I' that they do not want to think that 'I' itself is mere illusion. Thus, it is necessary to know the fact that “I’   is the mind. And the mind is the universe. And the universe is waking experience. And waking experience is an illusion. Thus, they are unable to detach the ‘Ifrom the Real witness.

And dualists and intellectuals keep on objecting: - If everything else is false, your statement that self is Brahman is itself false.  But when one says consciousness is false, there must be the awareness, consciousness, behind the very statement. The duality (mind or universe)   disappears as Nonduality (deep sleep).  One has to rely upon that which is permanent.  The formless witness or consciousness alone is permanent. Anything that one says,  he is saying within the illusion, but there is consciousness (formless witness)   before any statement could be made.

Again as a step leading to formless witness, the arguments, the three states avails. But if one knows the existence of the formless witness of the three states, nothing else remains to be known.