Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion- 412***

TG :-  I cannot reject this earthly life until I feel I have finished what I have come here to do.  For me, that seems to be the raising of many children............. .and their children.... ......... a bit beyond adulthood, which probably means that I need to live to be at least 100 years old on earth.  Not joking, here.  It seems that as they get old enough to fend for themselves, they need more help than ever to realize their full potential.  I'm sure that after I die, I will remain behind in the astral to guide and protect them still.

SK: One need not renounce the worldly life. There is no to give up worldly life to find the truth. But in this modern age all these renunciation and deserting the family is not essential. One need not go anywhere and spend his fortune in the search of truth. the path of wisdom is inner(mental)  journey. By renouncing the worldly life and taking sanyasa makes one more egocentric. egocentricty is is gretest obstical in realzaing the nondualistic or Advaitic truth.  

The truth lies within the human experience (mind) as its invisible substance and witness. Since people think the mind is within the body everyone is in confusion. Therefore it is necessary to know, whether the mind is in the body or and world are within the mind.

The quest gets over only when knows what is mind. Once one knows the truth the restless mind gets the stillness and one gets the repose of the deep sleep in the midst of the experience of diversity or worldly life. Everyone has to follow their chosen path and remain happy in whatever he/she is interested in this experience of duality (mind).