Thursday, June 13, 2013

The mind, which is in the form universe, does not disappear after self-realization but the ignorance disappears***

Deeper self-search reveals the fact that: ~ The ‘I’ merges with the soul and becomes one with it.   The ‘I’ becomes ‘I-LESS. On the standpoint of the soul, the innermost self, the form, time and space are one in essence.  

When the self is not the form then it is erroneous to relate the self to time and space, because the self is formless, timeless and spaceless existence.

The self is not that which born, lives and dies within the unreal world. Afterlife is nothing to do with the self, because the self is not an individual. The self is the soul, which is present in the form of the spirit or the consciousness.

When the self is birthless, then how can one relate the self to the birth, life, death and the world, because the self is ever formless? : ~ Santthosh Kumaar

The mind, which is in the form  the universe, does not   disappear after self-realization, but the ignorance disappears. The unreal nature of the mind or universe is exposed.  The Gnani is fully aware of the fact that, his body and his experience of the universe, that is, the whole waking experience is a mere mirage created out of consciousness.   Knowing truth in the midst of illusion is wisdom.  Thus, he becomes free from experiencing the illusion as reality. 

This is the reason why one has to realize the fact that, self is not ‘I’, but ‘I’ is the mind. And mind is not limited to the physical entity but mind is the whole universe that appears as the whole waking or dream experience.

 When the self is not the body the body based inquiry is not of any use.  Therefore, one has to inquire and reason on the base of the formless self in order to unfold the mystery of the mind or universe, which appears as waking or dream (duality)  experience and disappears as deep sleep(nonduality). 

Once total abidance takes place, and then there are no more any externalities, for all of them would have subsided in the very bosom of the one who was inquiring and he becomes aware of the fact that, the mind and the soul are one in essence.  The essence is consciousness. And there is no second thing other than the consciousness that is the true realization of Advaitic truth.