Saturday, June 5, 2010

Information is not truth.

S: Soul is the creation of Conditioned Mind , this gives them to control the people which forms the so called group which is called religion and so on , this also creates immense Fear/scare which makes the people to belive , there is a soul, which is nothing but asbstract, i feel the self knowledge is not awarness , knowledge is distructive and gives only gramophone sound, so friend ur creation of sould and so called Atman is nothing but Abstract wihout any concreate value.

I respect your views.  You are right on your own standpoint. You have dropped old conditioning by accepting new conditioning by collecting new information. Information is not truth. Verification of information leads one towards truth. Therefore, one has to de-condition himself from all accumulated information, which is blocking him from de-conditioning and assimilating the truth.   
There is no difference between a religionists and Atheist, because both are believers. Religionists believes in existence of God, and Atheist believes in no God. Thus the common thing between religionists and Atheist is the belief. The belief is belief, it not god or its no god. It is only a thought. Holding certain thought as truth is not truth. This belief blocks them to overcome the conditioning. Similarly, all the information collected without verification blocks one, and it becomes an obstacle in assimilating the truth.
When one is not aware of the subject [soul or consciousness] then he speaks on standpoint of the object [physical self/ego] as subject, due to ignorance of the subject. Until he becomes aware of the subject he will remain in the grip of physical conditioning. One cannot   overcome the physical conditioning without the Self-knowledge.  The knowledge accumulated on base of the physical self/ego is mere intellectual speculation, makes one egocentric intellectual not a Gnani.        
When one is not aware of his own existence is not physical, then how can he be aware of the awareness, which is called soul or emptiness or nothingness or consciousness or self or Brahman or Christ.   Therefore, one has come out of the physical shackle, to overcome the physical conditioning.  Ego means physical conditioning. The conditioned ego is called man. When man considers himself as self he becomes ignorant of the soul or consciousness.  Thus this physical conditioning of the consciousness makes him believe the birth, life, death and the world as reality.  Until one believes in birth, life, death and world as reality, the self-knowledge is impossibility because he experiences the duality as reality.
  Until one knows the existence of the soul or consciousness through deeper verification, he will not be capable knowing the existence of the soul or consciousness.
What is it that makes the body and the world exists for you? It is awareness. Mind is this whole universe in which you, me and others and everything that you, me and others know exists. The whole universe which contains you, me and others is mental; therefore it is mind. 
The universe [mind] is mere mirage or illusion created out of the self, which is the soul/consciousness. One has to analyze the mind through deeper thinking. Then only he becomes aware of the fact that, the mind is not confined to the body; because the mind is the whole universe.  The universe appears as mind and the mind appears as waking or dream.  And waking or dream disappears as deep sleep. This fact has to be investigated and assimilated first.    
If the mind is whole universe, and the universe is in the soul, which is the true self; then what is there to claim as mine when there is nothing beside the soul, which is in the form of consciousness; when whatever is, is the true self or the consciousness. Consciousness converted in to waking or dream.  And waking or dream is converted into deep sleep.  Thus the substance of the three states is one and the same. Thus the substance itself is witness of the three states. Therefore, the substance and witness are one in essence.    The essence is consciousness. The consciousness is the ultimate truth.   
Thus, whatever is claimed as me and mine is meaningless from the ultimate point of view because there is no second thing exists other then consciousness. 
Consciousness is everything, therefore, there is nothing exist other then consciousness. Lectures limit consciousness.  If one wants to overcome the physical conditioning of consciousness, then he has to realize the fact that, self is not physical but it is formless soul, which is in the form of consciousness. So there is room for duality in reality, therefore the birth, life, death and world are mere illusion created out of consciousness.