Saturday, August 21, 2010

Consciousness is the true self is motionless, ancient, still, eternal, without attributes

Consciousness is the true self is motionless, ancient, still, eternal, without attributes, without confusions, without sheaths, without parts, without impurity, completely free from any illusion of duality, full, peerless, and the One.

One has to identity of the Self with the consciousness to acquire self-knowledge. That consciousness is not the body alone. Consciousness is the formless substance and witness of the mind, which is in the form of universe. Everything seen, known experienced is created out of consciousness. One has to reflect on the consciousness as self constantly until it establishes itself in its non-dual true nature.

In describing the consciousness, negation is primarily used because the consciousness can never be an object, can never be what is perceived or conceived. By negation in the process of –inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the true base, the ignorance of identifying one’s true existence with an individual body and universe is destroyed.

This “destruction” of ignorance is really not the destruction of anything real, as the false identification as an individual just consists of assumptions, ideas. What remains after this so-called destruction is not anything new. It is not something achieved. It is not a transformation. It is what has been your innermost identity all the time.

As all differences are an illusory appearance on consciousness, which is not different from the Self. Due to conditioning  or samskara of the Self like the defect of nescience /ignorance And conditioning or samskara  of consciousness like Illusion, delusion, One should realize, by a practice of negation, That all appearances are not a whit different from the substratum And one should cognize the origin-less, endless, Undivided identity of the Self which is consciousness.

Consciousness is all that exists. Nothing else exist other than consciousness. Consciousness is the self. Mind is the whole experience of diversity [waking or dream]. The mind is the mirage created out of consciousness. Becoming aware of the fact that, the consciousness is self is liberation. Consciousness is ultimate truth, which is attained by the way of knowledge.