Saturday, August 21, 2010

It is only seekers sincerity and earnestness in his spiritual pursuit, the knowledge started revealing on its own.

Self-knowledge or Atma Gnana or Brahma Gnana cannot be attained by one who is without strength or earnestness or without the receptiveness and courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth. If a serious seeker strives sincerely by means of inquiry, analysis and soul-centric reasoning, he will be able to realize it.
It is only seekers sincerity and earnestness in his spiritual pursuit, the knowledge started revealing on its own.  Anyone who has humility and patience and is sincere and ready to drop their accumulated dross and receptive to accept the truth will enter non-dual Self-Awareness when his conviction becomes firm. 
Soul, which is present in the form of consciousness, is the innermost self. Consciousness is the witness that experiences the action, the actor, and the world of separate things. It is like a light that illuminates everything in a theatre, revealing the master of ceremonies, the guests, and the dancers with complete impartiality. Even when they all depart, the light shines to reveal their absence.

What is not consciousness (formless) in the experience of diversity [waking or universe]?  The waking and the dream cease to exist without consciousness.  The seeker, seeking and his destination   all are one in essence.

There is only need to realize the whole universe in which we exist is created out of consciousness (soul or Atman), the innermost self.  On the standpoint innermost self, the universe is mere illusion created out of consciousness.  Thus on the ultimate standpoint no second thing exists other than consciousness. Thus consciousness is ultimate truth or Brahman.
 Consciousness, the One and Undifferentiated, which by the manifold application of its powers produces the dual and non-dual experiences [waking/dream/deep sleep] and, in the end, withdraws the three states into itself, is indeed the self—luminous.

The Maker of all the three states, self—luminous and all—pervading, Atman dwells always in the three states as its formless clay and witness. Consciousness is revealed by the negative way, discriminative wisdom and the Knowledge of Unity based upon reflection. The one, who know consciousness is the true self, becomes one with the immortal self.

When there is no ignorance, there is no day or night, neither being nor none—being; the pure consciousness alone exists. That immutable Reality is the meaning of consciousness. From it has proceeded the non-dual wisdom.

No one can grasp consciousness as separate entity apart from duality because it is the formless clay and the witness of the experience of duality thus it cannot be grasped as above, across, or in the middle.

Its form is not an object of vision; no one beholds it with the eyes. They who, through pure intellect and the Knowledge of Unity based upon reflection, realize consciousness as the true self becomes one with the immortal.