Saturday, August 21, 2010

Consciousness the true Self is hidden and pervades in everything and everywhere in all the three states

The path of wisdom is inner journey. The path of yoga, path of love, path of devotion and path of humanity is meant for those who has the firm conviction  that,  the practical life within the practical world or experience of birth, life, death and the world as reality,  because they are based on ego or waking entity.  Whereas the wisdom is based on the soul and it is the inner(mental) journey which can be reached only through deeper self-search. 

The egocentric paths are nothing to do with the path of truth or wisdom. Deeper self –search reveals the self is not the waking entity or ego but self is formless soul, which is in the form of consciousness then why follow the paths based on the false self. . Thus only by realizing the form (universe or waking) is formless because form (universe or waking) is made of the formless stuff leads one to self-awareness.     But other paths based on the false self and false experience as reality never realize the truth because they accepted something else as truth and their accepted truth is greatest hindrance is realizing ultimate truth.  

Thus all egocentric paths are meant for the mass mind set who are incapable of inquiring into the nature of the universe (waking or mind) in which they exist.   It becomes very difficult for people who incapable of grasping the ultimate truth because of their inherited and inborn conditioning.   One must have the knowledge of the matter (universe or mind) and the spirit (soul or consciousness)

Consciousness the true Self is hidden and pervades in everything and everywhere in all  the three states as their formless substance and witness; but it is seen by Gnanis through their one—pointed and subtle intellects.

The serious seeker should merge his speech in his mind and his mind in his intellect by understanding the fact that all his experiences are created out of consciousness.

Seeker has to arise! awake and learn to know the fact that the experience of  duality (waking or dream) is created out of Atman  without understanding this fact , there is no unity in diversity. The path of truth is like the sharp edge of a razor, so it is hard to tread and difficult to cross without perfect understanding and without the guidance of Gnani.

Having realized consciousness as true self , which is soundless, intangible, formless, undecaying and likewise tasteless, eternal and odourless; having realized That which is without beginning and end, beyond the Great and unchanging—one is freed from experiencing the duality as reality.

It is through consciousness that one perceives all objects in sleep or in the waking state. Having realized the vast, all—pervading consciousness, one enters into non dual tranquility.

He who knows the consciousness as true self, the formless  experiencer of  the three states, as consciousness, free from experiencing the  past ,present and the future as reality.

Atman is undistorted Consciousness. He who meditates on consciousness is free from experiencing the pain and pleasure as reality, liberated from the bonds of ignorance; he becomes free from experiencing the diversity as reality.

The consciousness, when identifies with the body and dwelling in it by experiencing the duality as reality. If it is torn away from the body and its experience, is freed from it, what then remains?  Whatever prevails is non-dual consciousness.

The consciousness, which remains awake while the sense—organs are asleep, shaping one lovely form after another that indeed is the Pure, that is consciousness  and that alone is called the Immortal. All three states are contained in consciousness and none can pass beyond.