Saturday, August 21, 2010

It is not only the physical body alone exists but the whole universe also exists together

It is not only the physical body alone exists but  the whole universe  also exists together. Science and religion bases their theory based on the birth, life and death; there is an unknown aspect. Thus they view and judge and conclude on base of waking entity. Thus the whole truth is not revealed. Even when all physical measurements are exhausted by the modern science there still remains the mysteries of mind and life-activity.

Science does not really know that the man can exist without the world or vice versa. Therefore the truth is one can never know the origin of the universe without knowing origin of the mind/’I’. Only suppose and guess work is not the truth. For practical purposes science is very useful for making the life easier, but in pursuit of truth for science is unjustifiable, because pursuit of truth is completely a mental journey beyond physicality.

The contradiction of universe as illusion is in thoughts and occurs when it is resolved into consciousness. Existence is meaningless without non-existence; hence one can neither say universe exists or not exists.

Our forefathers they are no more entities now. The ruined townships of the ancient world, if one carefully analyse, the world and persons of the past are now mere memories. Similarly one thinks he has the same physical body as yesterday but that is only his illusion, his imagination. Yesterday's body has disappeared already. If one sees anything it is bound to pass away.

How is it seen?

By the conciousness.

Therefore, consciousness alone produces ideas of world. Seeker has to realize the fact that, all things pass away, that just as dream world passes away, waking world also passes.