Saturday, August 21, 2010

The mind is not different from consciousness

The supreme truth has no-origination. The mind   is not different from the consciousness, because the formless substance of the mind is consciousness. Thus mind is not different from consciousness, thus mind is consciousness and consciousness is uncaused and there is no second thing exists other than the consciousness, therefore consciousness is ultimate truth.

The essence of the mind is consciousness. That consciousness appears as the waking or dream is mere illusion. Thus the diversity is mere illusion.  If it really becomes diverse then the immortal would become mortal. The dualist's who seek to prove the origination of the unborn, by that very enterprise try to make the immortal, mortal. Ultimate nature can never change - the immortal can never become mortal and vice versa. “There is no plurality in reality. The consciousness appears to be many is mere mirage; "those who are attached to creation or production or origination remain ignorant; "the consciousness is uncaused and unborn is never reborn, for who can produce it.

This can be proved by reasoning. How can that which already exists be born again? Neither can the non-existent be born. To produce a particular effect, a cause must have a particular energy. Else everything could be produced out of everything. But this energy can belong neither to that which is existent nor to that which is non-existent nor to that which is both nor to that which is neither. If one is unable to find the effect in the beginning or end, it cannot exist in the middle either. Since one is unable to prove antecedence and consequence, how can he establish a cause?

Causality is impossible as neither the existent nor the non-existent can be produced either by the existent or the non-existent.

Mind is without beginning and has an end is as absurd as saying that consciousness has a beginning but no end.

Only the people espousing theories on creation, who quarrel amongst themselves,.  But people who become aware of the fact that the mind ,which appears as waking or dream is mere illusion  have no reason to have any confusion , because they have strong conviction about  no-origination.

To prove that the external world is unreal one has to become aware of the fact that, the self is not physical but the self is consciousness.  Until one thinks the self is physical he remains in confusion because he is holding the illusion as reality.

The non-dual absolute is to be directly realized by Self- Knowledge. The consciousness manifests itself in three forms: as waking experience, dream state and deep sleep. In reality it transcends all the three forms.

As waking experience it has consciousness of the world and thus enjoys the gross. As dream it has consciousness of the mental states and enjoys the subtle. As deep sleep it is concentrated consciousness and enjoys the bliss of deep sleep. While waking experience and dream are both causes and effects, deep sleep is only the cause. But Consciousness is neither cause nor effect. It is all pervading, changeless, non-dual, and capable of removing all ignorance, the cause of all the causes and itself is uncaused and it is one without a second. Deep sleep is a state where there are  no objects - so it cannot even be called a subject. It knows nothing, neither itself nor others. Though deep sleep too is non-dual like consciousness, still there's the seed of ignorance present in deep sleep. But consciousness knows no sleep and being self-luminous consciousness is all seeing. It transcends the positive wrong knowledge of the waking and dream state and the absence of knowledge in the deep sleep state. The non-dual consciousness is realized when the individual self is awakened from its beginning less ignorance. The soul, which is in the form of consciousness, is unborn, dreamless, sleepless, motionless, where all the categories of the intellect are merged, where all duality ceases - there's neither going to nor coming from it. It is the formless substance and witness of all the three states. It is known by the one who has known the formless essence of the mind, which is free from experiencing the illusion as reality.

Consciousness is like space and the mind are like space in jars. When the jar is destroyed the space in the jar merges into the open space. Likewise when ignorance is destroyed by right knowledge, the mind -merge into consciousness. Spaces in jars may differ in form, function and name, but still there's no difference in space. Likewise though the mind may differ in form, function and name, still there's no difference in consciousness.

 Just like the space in the jar is neither the transformation nor a modification nor a part of the space, the mind too is neither the transformation nor a modification nor a part of the consciousness. All elements, subjective as well as objective, are by their nature calm from the beginning, unborn and merged in the absolute. They are so because they are nothing else than the ultimate truth itself, which is unborn.

Duality is the product of the intellect and when the intellect is transcended, duality disappears. What's left is pure consciousness, devoid of all thought determinations and imagination. It is not different from the knowable, which is only consciousness the ultimate truth. It is the calm and eternal Light. It is a unique bliss, which transcends illusion of birth, life, death and the universe. It is indescribable, unborn, changeless and non-dual.

The religion and yoga karma and upaasana is for the people of lower and middling intellect, those of higher intellect with intense urge are attracted towards non- dual wisdom.