Saturday, August 21, 2010

Only by discovering and assimilating the wisdom will not dawn, one has to realize it, by constantly reflecting on the subject until the conviction becomes firmer and matures.

One has to avoid using the words like higher and lower self, because it gives an idea that there are two self. And also gives an idea that both the self are real.  It is only in yogic/ and astral projection they say as higher and lower self, or in the beginning of spiritual pursuit to convince the beginners.

When one reaches the higher understanding, then one has to use only subject and object and real and unreal to grasp the non-dual truth. 

By saying higher self are us, you have left out the world, and you are speaking of the individual self (waking entity or ego).  And it is only half truth.  Thus the soul or  consciousness becomes individualized whereas the consciousness is the formless substance and witness of three states, which pervades in everything and everywhere in the three states. The soul or c consciousness, the innermost self  exists only as formless substance witness of the three states.  Therefore it cannot be found as an entity or identity or thing  within the physical world.

You/me/others/and all the object seen exists within the world. The world exists within the waking experience.

 The practical life within the practical world, which is present as waking experience, is mere illusion. If waking experience is mere illusion than the individual experience of birth, life, death and world are mere illusion.   If the experience birth, life death and the world are mere illusion, it means the form; time and space are mere illusion.  If form, time and space are mere illusion, it means the past, present and future is mere illusion. Thus it is necessary for the seeker to realize the fact that,   form, time and space are one in essence, in order to realize the three states are one in essence. That essence is consciousness. Thus all the diversity is created out of   formless consciousness. Thus no second thing exist other than consciousness, the innermost self. Seeker of truth has to constantly reflect on the subject in order to get firm conviction of the truth.  Seeker has to reflect on the same truth again and again until it becomes reality. One needs to constant reflect on the subject until he gets firm conviction of what is what.

Limiting the ‘I’ or mind only to the physical entity (ego or waking entity) is cause of all confusion. Thus one has to make sure first ‘I’ or mind, is not the self, but ‘I’ is  mind. Mind is universe. Universe is waking experience.

 If “I” is there then only the mind is there. If mind is there then only the universe is there.  If universe is there than only  the waking or dream is there. Absent of ‘I or mind is absent of universe or waking or dream.

To describe the soul , the innermost self  one has to bifurcate the subject, from object mentally, by constantly reflecting on the formless witness and grasp and realize it. One has to realize the fact that, the waking or dream are the objects, and the subject is formless.  The waking or dream is an object to the formless subject.  This has to be grasped mentally; it cannot be described by the words. This can be achieved through constantly reading and reflecting on the F.P& IP  blogs repetitively   which in turn creates the base and also a yardstick subconsciously and replaces the reasoning faculty from present form base to formless base.  

Once one becomes aware of the fact that, the subject is formless then he becomes aware that mind(I) is an object. Thus the waking or dream experiences in which man and the world are present is an object to the formless  subject. Thus it proves the fact that man is mere experience and perceives the world within the experience (waking or  dream). Illustration is dream- the dream is  witnessed  without the physical apparatus.  Therefore, the witness  of the whole waking is formless. Thus the formless witness  is the subject and the  three states are    an object. The formless soul is the  witness and the formless soul is the  innermost  self.  . thus the soul,which is present in the form consciousness is real and all else  is illusion.

The subject [consciousness] is hidden within the three states as its formless clay and it is without the object (waking or dream) as its formless witness. The subject (consciousness)  is apart  from the object because it is not an entity or identity within the waking or dream.   Thus it is necessary for anyone to study deeply enough to get the perfect understanding and realization.

 There are three aspects in pursuit of truth, 1. Discovering 2. Assimilating 3. Realizing.  Only by discovering and assimilating the wisdom will not dawn, one has to realize it, by constantly reflecting on the subject until the conviction becomes firmer and matures.