Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seeker of truth should not waste time condemning the Vedas and other scriptures

Seeker of truth should not waste time condemning the Vedas and other scriptures and religion. They have their own value for those who are not seeking truth. Only he must make sure of the fact that they are not the means to Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana. Buddha rejected Vedas, religion, god glorification which he found an obstacle in pursuit of truth. Therefore, seeker of truth must keep it as his individual information and discuss about them only with like-minded fellow seekers.

What is reality? If it is a word it must have a meaning. Every meaning is merely a thought. Then if it is a fugitive thought it cannot be true reality. The thought arise only in duality. Duality exists only in waking/dream. Mind is mere mirage on the standpoint of consciousness as self. The consciousness is real and all else is mirage.

People do not understand what is real, because they take the experience of duality in which they and their experience of the world exists as reality. The man and his world is reality only within the experience of duality [mind/waking/dream]. The three states are unreal on the standpoint of the consciousness as self.

Seeker of truth must indulge with clear and definite ideas of duality and non-duality; otherwise he merely flounders.

The practical world is real, as realists believe, but the higher reality is that the man and practical world are reality within the waking/dream. The waking and dream are unreal and impermanent on the standpoint of the soul which is the formless substance and witness of the three states.

Intellectuals have not defined truth, they says that ultimate truth cannot be known. Without defining, they just fire away words. Hence they are in confused and contradictory outlook.

Universe is reality alone is based on the feeling of its reality: but one has a similar feeling in dream. Hence it is useless to go by feeling. One must first find a definition that will hold. But people won't define; they want to go by feeling alone.

Almost all spiritual books fail to define final essential truth, and through this failure, their efforts invariably end in missing the right path, just as a mariner without compass. This failure is due to the belief that final truth is unattainable.

When Gnani says that the Truth can be defined, people think he is insane and refuse to investigate, because they do not to accept anything then there accepted truth.

Inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the base of soul as self is most essential process of securing exactness and precision, i.e. correction in one’s thinking without which truth cannot be got.

One cannot properly understand a man's words unless he knows not only what he means but also what he does not mean. Similarly one cannot understand consciousness unless he first knows what it is not. If everything is black, and there were no other colors to distinguish it how could he know it existed? Similarly if everything is consciousness how can he know it unless he discovers its contraries and contradictories through deeper analysis? Intuition cannot ever do what only analysis of meaning can do. Every word and every thought must be examined.

The failure to determine the nature of truth and the consequent confusion of thought and word is responsible for the all religious differences and conflicts. If all sectarians had taken the trouble to define truth, they could not have adopted the attitude, "What they know or feel is truth."

People use the word God and everyone is charmed. But each will have his own idea of God. People are not aware of the fact that soul is true self. The consciousness is the true self is ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is god. The true nature of consciousness is the undivided and non-dual. Thus consciousness is the true god and it is formless and non-dual,