Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unless the ego is understood properly one cannot know the truth

People get worried by many things; their   mind gets distracted, their family may trouble them. For such a people the practice of yoga will confer peace and thus provide useful preparation of mind, prior to taking up the course of thinking and reasoning which alone lead to truth. Yoga is helpful in preparation to pursuit of truth.

Only when the mind is made sharp as a razor then only it can grasp the non-dual truth. Inquiry and reasoning on the true base takes away all those things which are not truth, and, if the mind is sharp enough, eventually reveals truth. 

The ordinary people want this God or that, wants this belief or that, and thus renders themselves unfit for inquiry,analysis  and reasoning because they are prejudiced at the start. Therefore, they must get rid of these "wants" first. When they have done so, they are called level-headed. 

Yoga as a mind-levelling and conflict-removing tool should not be carried to excess; otherwise it will create new illusions and fancies and hallucinations. 

Seeker of truth has to develop an attitude of impartial cautious critical examination to be fit for pursuit of truth. 

The seeker must be level-headed before it can profitably understand the non-dual truth; otherwise its inquiries will turn into conflicts between ideas which please and ideas which are true. Yoga helps to remove of these conflicts of the novices.

Unless the ego is understood properly one cannot know the truth. The first condition required of' the seeker is to free himself from the grip of ego by understanding what is mind and what is the substance of the mind. Without understanding “what is mind”, the ego prevents the unity in experience of diversity. 

Those whose minds are worried or disturbed should not take up truth pursuit; they should first get some peace of mind through yoga or religion. 

There is no use of sense pleasures when their objects may disappear or die. It is better to possess ultimate truth which does not die. This seriousness about life the majority of people have not got. 

Unless seeker keeps out his likes and dislikes on the quest, he cannot know truth. "I like my body, therefore it must be real", "and I like my religion, and therefore it must be true", I like my god it must be true, “I like this world and therefore it must be real. But all his likes and dislikes are part of the mirage. When one says he like yoga it means he has an idea of yoga and therefore it is imagination, and will pass away because it is part of the waking  or dream which appear and disappear, not permanent. 

Those who are changeable by temperament, which flit from path to path, need to be free from conflict and uncertainty, they must try all the paths and practices, and realize the fact that they are inadequate and useless to quench their spiritual thirst, and then only they must take up pursuit of truth. 

The Seeker of truth has realized the fact that fear, spite, anger, blind credulity, is listed as obstacles to attaining Truth. The "I" is that which blocks a seekers way to realizing truth. It is first to come, but last to go. Those who accept as truth that which agrees with their feeling is thereby revealing that the ‘I’ is strongly there, so they are cheated and miss truth. The idea that the ego is separate is false and leads to delusion. Therefore seeker has to understand the fact that ‘I’/mind is not limited to the physical entity but to the whole waking/dream. 

Seeker should not be carried away by this and that, but think, look at the facts. Seeker has to pursue only non-dual truth for its own sake. F.S does want to induce the seekers by promising that if one gets truth, he will achieve bliss. Love of pleasure and worldly gain may outweigh love of truth if a seeker is a pretender, deceiving himself or others. His mind does not want to exert itself to get truth. 

The seeker after truth must be absolutely and imperiously truthful himself. That is why it is very difficult for diplomats and politicians to take up pursuit of truth, and truth must be supported by courage and steadfast endurance. 

The  Seekers  must be free mentally  for this higher quest. Suppose a friend has done one injury, he must not be constantly thinking about it or feel hostile to him every day. Better be forgiving and forget it, so that he may be undistracted to self-knowledge. Similarly if one is over-ambitious and discontented with his lot, his mind will be disturbed again, so be contented with what he has. 

Humility, having no prejudices, free from egoism, preconceptions or if one has them, one ought to forget them for the time being when he inquiries into truth.