Saturday, August 21, 2010

The way out is not through mysticism, which is merely mind-exhaustion, but through the fuller use of reason

The great learned of scriptures who made big volumes, and delivered long lectures on the nature and workings of Gods and God, indulge in mere exuberance of words, in which they are lost. The more they argue and discuss, the most they attain is merely another thought which never cross the field of duality.

If one shows the proof of un-contradictable truth, one can accept," and if one do not give proof, then he do not know and hence say nothing.

The intellectuals will go on endlessly arguing. The way out is not through mysticism, which is merely mind-exhaustion, but through the fuller use of reason.

Science is truer than religion. Therefore it is gradually replacing religion. But Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana  is truer than science, and will replace it eventually.

Self-knowledge means fact, verified, proof of one’s true existence. Truth is that on which no two persons can disagree, in which there can be no contradiction, no difference and no doubts.

Science create smart weapons and bombs drop and destruct and wake up those who are asleep in religion or false belief, or who refuse to think and seek truth. Nature, God, Karma are behind this universal whipping.

One cannot say human reason can know ultimate truth, but only that human reason based on the soul as self can know there is an ultimate truth, that it is.

Physical laws are after all only one’s idea of things. The only real way to know these things is to become them. Hence scientific laws do not explain, they merely describe.

Correspondence Theory of Truth: All the objects one sees within the waking or dream are only mirage on the base of soul as self, because they are reality only on the base of false self (waking entity or ego). Therefore the Correspondence Theory is fallacious because one can only check one idea by another idea, not with any reality.

Logical necessity merely means that if one assumes the premise of causation, for instance, certain consequences will logically follow. Logic deals with causes whereas Reason based on the soul as self, deals with distinguishing between truth and falsehood. Reason is that which distinguishes truth from falsehood.