Wednesday, October 12, 2011

By inquiring Who am ‘I?’ will not yield result because it exposes the fallacy of only the form.

People still think visiting gurus, saints and sages and yogis and indulging in god and guru glorification and yogic practice and meditation they get enlightenment. But all these are only for the people who are unable to investigate through inquiry and reasoning about the reality of their true existence. 

  • ·          How the God and the universe can exist without the man? 

The universe and the idea of God are dependent on the man for their existence. Therefore it is necessary to investigate one’s own existence to verify the existence of God.

Man ceases to exist without the mind. Therefore it proves that man, god, and universe cease to exist without the mind. And it also it proves that all these things together is mind.  Thus the experience of duality which present as waking state is mind. Mind which appears and disappears, means it becomes dual and non-dual. Therefore it is for the seeker to discover and realize what is mind in order to unfold the mystery of his own existence. 

People are thinking by killing the ego one can get enlightenment therefore they involve in all types of acrobats prescribed by the religious scriptures, gurus and yogis.  But is it is impossible to overcome the ego alone . Ego man and the world idea of god and whatever known and seen are within the mind. And mind is Waking experience. Therefore one has to overcome the mind or universe or duality  in order to realize the true identity which is non-dual  soul or the consciousness.

Man has to make sure whether he is man or mind through inquiry and reasoning then only he will become aware of the fact that, he is not a man but mind. man and universe together is mind.   thus all the content of the universe has to be identified as mind. Therefore his physical identity that is ‘I’ is not Self. Therefore, searching the self by inquiring Who am ‘I?’ will not yield result because it exposes the fallacy of only the form. one has to realize the fallacy of for,time and space than only  the non-dual wisdom dawns. people are stuck with some teacher or teaching without  investigating the whole truth.  thus they never reach ultimate end of understanding.  

Sankara was criticized for his views on Maya (illusion) without understanding him. He said that (1) Brahman (the Self) is real (2) the universe is unreal, and (3) Brahman is the universe. He did not stop at the second because the third explains the other two. It signifies that the universe is real if perceived as the ‘Self’ and unreal if perceived as apart from the Self. Hence Maya or illusion and reality are one and the same. 

The realists criticize the concept of illusion without understanding it. He said that

(1)  SOUL or  Consciousness (the innermost  Self) is real

  (2) The universe or mind is unreal, and

(3) Consciousness is the mind or universe, because universe or mind is mere illusion created out of consciousness.  
 One need not stop at the second because the third explains the other two. It signifies that the universe is real if perceived as the Self (consciousness) and unreal if perceived as apart from the Self (consciousness). Hence illusion and reality are one and the same because both are one in essence. Realizing the essence, which is consciousness as the innermost Self, is Self-Realization or Truth- Realization of GOD- Realization. Thus Sri, Sankara‘s declaration is rational truth, scientific truth and also ultimate truth

Seeker has  to grow from the inside out. None can teach him, none can make him  spiritual. There is no other guru but his  own soul.”
Self-knowledge or Atma Gnana or Brahma Gnana cannot be attained by one who is without strength or earnestness or without the receptiveness and courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth. If a serious seeker strives sincerely by means of inquiry, analysis and soul- centric reasoning, he will be able to realize it.
It is only seekers sincerity and earnestness in his spiritual pursuit, the knowledge started revealing on its own.  Anyone who has humility and patience and is sincere and ready to drop their accumulated dross and receptive to accept the truth will enter non-dual Self-Awareness when his conviction becomes firm.

It is very much necessary to know what mind is.   Than only it is possible  to realize the fact that, man and his experience of the universe and his idea of god and religion and whatever seen and known are part of the illusory experience which is present as Waking experience . The witness and the substance of the illusory Waking experience is formless and non-dual that is soul or consciousness. 

Seeker has  to discover and realize the reality of his true existence in lesser time and effort without the help of religion, god glorification or yogic practice. There is no need to  condemn yoga or religion or its gurus or god . Religion and yoga  are helpful in manipulating the ups and downs of practical  life  within the practical world therefore they are all part of the illusory Waking experience.

Consciousness is the true self.  Consciousness  is formless and non-dual in its nature.  The guidance is necessary in truth pursuit for beginners. It is not compulsion that one must have guru. If the seeker is receptive and able to grasp the knowledge of the self then the self itself will help him to overcome the ignorance and abide in it.

Religious idea of guru glorification is not needed in truth pursuit. Since everything is consciousness  and there is no second thing other than consciousness , thus whatever source one gets knowledge and guidance it is from the self itself . which is formless consciousness hence self itself is the guru.

Guidance is necessary in matter pertaining to the mind and that is futile to seek guidance matter beyond it. Through soul-centric reasoning  one will be able to  to remove the obstructions to the knowledge about one’s true identity and seeker will be able to find out the truth for himself.